VentureMark, Inc.

VentureMark Inc. Investments

Chicago Emerging Neighborhood Real Estate

VentureMark, Inc. invests in architecturally significant residential, retail and mixed-use properties in emerging neighborhoods. VentureMark renovates its properties to retain and enhance historic architectural detailing while updating amenities, such as new lighting, heating and cooling systems, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and finishes.

RayMark Venture, LLC

VentureMark, Inc. is an owner of RayMark Venture, LLC, a real estate investment company. RayMark was established in 1998 and initially acquired and managed apartment buildings in southeast Evanston, Illinois. Two years after acquiring these buildings, RayMark sold at a significant profit to condo developers, after most of the area in which RayMark was investing turned condo.

Andersonville property

With the proceeds from those residential multi-unit apartment sales, RayMark invested in retail and office properties in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, concentrating on a four-block stretch along Clark Street – Andersonville’s “main street.” Over a five year period, RayMark became the dominant owner of commercial property in Andersonville and attracted to its buildings new, independently–owned, non-formula retailers, who re-defined the neighborhood. In doing so, RayMark sparked a revitalization of this neighborhood making it one of the most unique and vibrant retail streets in Chicago.

In June of 2008, RayMark Venture sold its Chicago, Andersonville neighborhood retail and office portfolio of nine buildings consisting of about 100,000 rentable square feet to Newcastle Limited.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic


VentureMark, Inc. owns an interest in a seven acre ocean front development parcel in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, the wind and kite surfing capital of the world.

Andersonville Galleria, LLC

The Andersonville Galleria is a thriving, Chicago based retail business which consists of 110 artisan-vendors who rent permanent space in a single storefront. Ten years after creating and managing Andersonville Galleria, LLC, VentureMark, Inc. sold its interest to an experienced entrepreneur.

Andersonville Galleria

No Snow Ventures, LLC

VentureMark, Inc. owns NoSnow Ventures, LLC, along with Andres Salas of Puerto Rico. NoSnow Ventures, has developed and patented an off-season snowboard, called the M-Rider, which is designed to be ridden at mountain resorts on ski runs in the summer.

M-Rider off-season snowboard.